During our Friday night services, we offer fun, engaging childcare and classes for kids from infants to age 12. 


For your first visit

Head downstairs to the children's check-in area. You'll see a station marked "New Families." One of our trained, screened volunteers will help you check in your child and answer any questions you may have. We'll ask for a few details (name, contact info, allergy or special needs), and print a name tag and Parent Tag for your child. 

We sing together!

If your child is 2 or under, they can go directly into the nursery rooms. You and your older children will stay together for our worship time. This lasts about 15 minutes. During the 3 minute break, your kids can meet the classroom volunteers in the gathering space and go to class. After the service is over, bring your Parent Tag to pick up your child. If you are needed during the service, your child's number will flash onscreen in the auditorium.


Rock Youth

Our Rock Metamorphix Youth Group is a parent led group with our dads taking turns preparing lessons and activities. We meet twice a month on Friday nights for a small group Bible study and twice a month on Wednesday nights for more in depth teaching, group activities, service projects, or outreach activities. Our youth group is for kids entering 6th grade through high school.

christian martial arts

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Evergreen Bloomington, Gym. Have you ever been curious about how ‘martial arts’ can be Christian and biblically based? We train students in the physical, mental, and spiritual character traits to be successful in life and their walk with Christ. All ages 7 years and older (adults included) are welcome.