Caution ahead ...

On Friday, one aspect of the service message was how the state of our heart has a large part to play in us willingly submitting to the authority of the Bible. Consider what it says in Hebrews 3 about how the state of our heart can ultimately turn us against God.

“Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God.” Hebrews 3:12

The author of Hebrews is giving a warning and states that we need to “Be careful” to “make sure that [our] own hearts are not evil and unbelieving.” The state of our hearts has the ability to turn us away from God! In my life, this warning to keep a soft heart never gets old. I feel like I can easily find my heart callous and unwilling to change in certain areas. Even though I have been following the Lord a long time, it takes daily reminders and warnings. Humility doesn’t always come easy for me and pride can all too easily be guiding my thoughts and actions, which certainly has its consequences. 

There are several things that help me keep my heart soft. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it has some key components that truly do develop a heart that is soft to the Lord.

  • Seeking after God through reading his word and through prayer
  • Actively loving God with all my heart, soul, and mind
  • Actively loving others more than myself
  • Being surrounded by people who spur me on and who encourage me to cultivate a heart that is soft

The writer of Hebrews continues on and gives us a wonderful reminder of what awaits us if we continually keep our hearts in a state that is most useful for God’s purpose.

“For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.” Hebrews 3:14

What a wonderful truth and reward that waits us!

Lucas Shogren