Announcement/Flyer Request Form

Fill out this form to have an announcement placed in the bulletin and online and/or an information panel for a ministry table or handout. Must be submitted by a ministry leader or be approved by a local pastor. Announcements and flyers requests are due by midnight the Tuesday before the weekend that you would like the announcement in the bulletin or the flyer available. Please do not submit an announcement request earlier than 5 weeks before your event.

App Notifications

Complete the form to request a push notification to be sent to the Bloomington app. Note, the office oversees app notifications to ensure quality communication and responsible use. We reserve the right to delay or refuse a notification.

request for administrative assistance

Fill out this form to submit your request to the office; please do NOT use this form for announcement/flyer request (that form is above).

media center message info form

Fill out this form to submit information about the current week's message for the Media Center.

Website suggestion/Request Form

Fill out this form to submit a suggestion, request or correction for one of our websites. Please keep in mind that corrections should come from the person who is involved with that particular ministry, event, announcement, etc. Also, we will consider all suggestions but we cannot promise that your suggestions will be implemented.  Also, please do NOT use this form for technical support.


Used for guest speakers to give permission to duplicate their message or testimonial in recordings.





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